Share the perfect GIF in seconds, not minutes.

Not every emotion fits into an emoji, find the perfect GIF instead.

Search and insert the right GIF with just a few clicks.

Only available for MacOS.

Download now

Current Version: 5.0

Open instantly

Click the icon or press the shortcut key to open a search bar.

Search easily

Type a search term and use your arrow keys to scroll through results.

Insert your favorite GIF

Once you’ve found “the one”, hit “Copy GIF URL” and paste it into your message.

  • Open the app to search for a GIF:
    Command + Shift + i
  • See more results:
  • Paste the GIF into your conversation:
    Shift + Enter

Keyboard Shortcuts

Insert a GIF without ever leaving your keyboard for a seamless message composition experience.


InsertGif offers customizable options, here are just a few.

  • Paste a GitHub friendly url:
    Alt + Shift + Enter
  • Turn off Easy Mode for a mouseless interface and to remove InsertGif from the dock
  • Enable Start at Login so InsertGif is always available
  • Click Customize the Show Hotkey in the tray icon to open InsertGif with a new desired key combo