How to Insert a GIF into Gmail

Add a GIF to your email in six quick and easy steps.

InsertGif installation

1. Install InsertGif

Click the download button below to install InsertGif. Once prompted, drag InsertGif into your applications.

Only available for MacOS.

Download now

2. Open Gmail

Open to the email you'd like to add a GIF to in Gmail.

Gmail opening
InsertGif opening

3. Open InsertGif

Click the icon or press the shortcut key to open a search bar.

4. Search for a GIF

Type a search term, hit enter, and use your arrow keys to scroll through results.

InsertGif search
Copying gif fron InsertGif

5. Insert your favorite GIF

Once you’ve found “the one”, click the down caret and select “Copy as HTML Image to: Gmail”.

6. Paste the GIF

Right click on your email and select “Paste”.

InsertGif inserts gif into email